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The brain is a 23 year old with an extra year in his chosen course of study (Mass Communication). As a young man growing up, I have always been amazed by the art of magic that goes on in the kitchen; the transition from raw food to tasty edible meals had always been something I could not wrap my head around till sometimes ago. Growing up in a family with an ancient setting of husband and wife roles, I had been configured to think the kitchen is only a woman’s domain but heck, I was wrong. The kitchen may have been synonymous with the ladies but the thing is, cooking is fabulous even for a man. If you have never tried your hands on cooking a nice meal for yourself, you will NEVER appreciate the efforts of those who prepare your meals and I wouldn’t blame you, I am in no better position to do such, I used to be like you and I would always complain about how long it was taking for the food to get ready, how salty or spicy the food was and every sort of complain you can find within and outside the book. I never knew the painful pleasure that goes hand-in-hand with turning raw farm produce into something edible in a plate simply because I had been a spectator all my life. My mom being a perfectionist wouldn’t allow me touch or make any meal because she doesn’t trust me enough to make the end result classic as it is with her and if we are being honest here, she was right about me, I was a terrible cook and being a lover of junks did nothing more than complicate matters for me as I would prefer to buy a lot of junks with an amount that is enough to prepare a decent meal than to actually prepare a meal. Back then, I never knew I was missing out a crucial life lesson that can help shape me into a better man, husband and father to my kids because I never really had the time as academic activities was all I could focus on until life happened and I am here all alone in the house sitting out the remainder of my extra year till it’s time to go back to school and clear my courses.

About Nigerian Recipe | The Platform

The epistle up there is just a highlight to give you an insight into the kind of person I am, I started cooking for myself beginning of this year and trust me, all my years as a teenager to my early twenties I had never engaged in an activity as satisfying as being in the kitchen. I quite understand most people especially men will disagree with me on this but, for real, cooking is one of the best things I enjoy now and being a person who has seen it all as to how frustrating it can be to be unable to fix yourself a nice meal, I have decided to create as a platform to connect with the teeming population of Nigerians in diaspora who happen to find themselves all alone in the house, with a kitchen cabinet stuffed with raw food but the inability to magically turn the raw food into something edible has made them shy away from the kitchen. You need not despair anymore as unlike every other blog will mostly come up with recipes even a 10 year old who can read can easily relate with and make a fantastic meal.

N:B – I am taking you(my readers) with me on a journey this route is one I had never ploughed so, in essence, we are out here learning together. There will be a lot of trials and errors on my part(which I will make a video compilation of every now and then) and on yours too, the key however is never to give up and as the old saying goes “practice makes perfect”. So, keep on trying until your bad becomes good, your good becomes better and your better becomes best, never ever settle for less on your journey to being a fantastic cook.

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